Development, hosting, management and maintenance of online multimedia applications

Founded in 1983, Connection is a telecom operator licensed in France (art. L33-1 of the Code des Postes et Communications Electroniques).

We are experts in the development, hosting, publishing, supervision and maintenance of online multimedia applications.

Every year, we manage more than 90 million minutes of phone calls and our platforms process more than 5 million incoming or outgoing SMS/MMS.



200 m2 data center in the heart of Paris


More than 300 multimedia services


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A technical environment that is highly secure, adapted for all multimedia uses and connected to the networks of all the main french telcos.
A catalogue of interactive multi-platform applications for highly remunerative premium services.

Connection S.A.S.

261, rue de Paris
93100 Montreuil

Tel : +33 1 56 52 10 10